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What would your day be like without technology devices, without searching online, without social media? Agree that you can live without touching a bit of technology, but the value that technology contributes to human life and the development of society is enormous.


Hi there, I’m Van


It’s great to see you here! I have much experience in many areas, such as information technology, research, education, management and leadership. At specific stages, I undertake different jobs and learn additional knowledge in many fields made my values. From a teacher, business owner, I transfer to a web developer, web designer, graphic designer, and researcher. I have worked on several projects of web development. If you need a work partner to participate in your projects or join my projects, don’t hesitate to leave me a message.

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Living in Style

I enjoy my space, so I have built it in my own way. I am not wasting my life. I just want to do whatever I like to make my life more exciting and unique!


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